Sunday, February 1, 2009

Style Swap

I had the itch to throw a party while Justin was gone...just a girly girl thing, so I came up with a Style Swap. I invited some great girls and asked them to bring some clothes, jewelry, shoes, purses, etc. that maybe they don't wear anymore, or that they wouldn't mind trading for something else. Everyone that came brought a ton of stuff to trade, and we went around letting everyone pick an item at a time. Stealing was allowed, just like in a White Elephant party, but these girls were all too nice to do it.....maybe there was one or two steals! Everyone left with at least one great outfit....but most left with a full bag of stuff!!! It was so much fun, and the best part was that we got new clothes without spending any money! You know the husbands appreciate that! We are going to do this again, and will more than likely do it quarterly or so, it was such a hit! I just made raviolis, green beans w/ garlic, cheese twists, and lots of treats. The treat bags were filled with cosmetic samples from Sephora, and delicious chocolates from Ghirardelli. Since I have such an addiction to ordering from, I had enough samples to give everyone 2! These pictures are just from this morning as no photos were taken at the party...I guess we were all having too much fun to do that!


  1. what a great idea! super cute gift bags and what a fun girl night! Ryan's deployment it a year or no more than 400 days but he is expecting to be back next january! I am pretty excited that we get to move in with the fam. Huge blessing!! Where are you guys moving to?

  2. You are so creative and fun! I wish we lived closer to each other. It's always fun to have Girl's Get-togethers.

  3. This sounds so fun! i wish i could have been there! miss you sis


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