Monday, November 29, 2010

little bit

Paige thinks she is Lady Gaga a little bit
(we did NOT tell her to do this,
nor do we promote Lady Gaga impersonations
...she just randomly does this!)

Riv likes to swing a little bit

And, we miss everyone more than a little bit!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Sea World

We went to Sea World for free on Saturday...
You get to go once a year if you are "military"..
Thank you very much!

Paige LOVING the penguin,
She couldn't get enough of this gal/guy?
Riv was too chicken to get in the picture

For a mere $6, I got to feed this dolphin 5 stinky little fish.
Paige was too scared
Riv was too scared
Justin let me have a dolphin moment all to myself.
Dolphins are magical I tell you...they really are the coolest!
Just look at that smile!

We will be buying a two-year pass,
very soon,
and feeding many more dolphins,
and cheering on Shamu
(yes, they still do the Killer whale show here!)

If you come see us, we can take you with us,


Thursday, November 4, 2010

here we go

Justin likes to run apparently...
he entered another 100 mile race before we moved,
and it was on Saturday and Sunday.
He made it to mile 75 and bowed out...
He is trying again in February for the 100.

Here he is at mile 30...looking like he only ran a few miles
I look like a tomato after running just 3 miles!
What the heck?!

He is one pretty cool Dad!

We like to swim


Texas is cool like that...swimming in November and all,
in a pool that is NOT heated...

Halloween 2010

We got smart and brought the wagon this year (yeah for us!!!)

Paige was a blond Snow White

She was excited I put make-up on her this year...
a little lip gloss goes a long way with her!

We were kind of lame this year on the costumes...
moving will do that to you I suppose..
Kitty Cats love Jimmy Buffet....right?!

The scary version....BOO!