Saturday, November 28, 2009

November Happenings

The rain (before the snow) was calling out to Paige, so she went out and played in it...for all of five minutes. At least I got a few was cute to watch from the window!

We were lucky enough to get visitors this past week...gasp....sigh! My sister, Brother-in-Law, and kiddos decided to drive up from Santa Cruz and spend some time with us! We were so excited to have them, and the cousins really enjoyed their time together. We did a whole Turkey Day meal on Monday and it was delicious!

Lots of Arts and Crafts time with the cousins...fabric friendship bracelets were made, along with countless pictures and drawings. My first attempt at a Black Apple Doll came out to play too....we haven't named her yet, but I think she should be called Sunny.

Paige HATES having her picture taken lately, and getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner was no exception. River clearly enjoyed his outfit, and was more than happy to get in front of the camera....Paige's face says it all!

Paige and I bonded over the making of a Gingerbread was a lot of fun for me, and she did well until the urge to eat the decorations overwhelmed her and she had to go watch Tarzan with her Dad!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Winter is HERE

We had the first Snow (that stuck, anyway), and so we ceremoniously had to go out and play in it/make a big deal out of it/ freeze our panties off/laugh as a family....good times! Riv did well, but got cold really fast. I had to bring him in and let him watch J and P continue to play. He of course cried for a while from the window, but then rather enjoyed the spectacle that is Justin+Paige. The first picture is of the crier in the window after all the snowy fun...he is so sweet!

We have had a lot of cold days which equals lots of indoor photoshoots....I love these babies!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


today it seems impossible...but SOMEDAY I want a whole room to myself where I can read and sew and craft (not a stinky basement, but a nice warm and cozy room)...and I would have a chair in there like THIS

or THIS...



I have to say it.....and get it off my chest.....CARRIE PREJEAN IS SOOOO LAME!!!
She kind of makes me want to vomit....ok, I feel better now!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Halloween

Happy Halloween! We weren't scary this year...I was a soccer player, Justin was a guy with a Mullet, Paige wore her cousin's dance recital outfit and called herself a Sunflower Fairy, and Riv was Abu the monkey from Aladdin. We of course had to do some kind of craft around here, so Paige made a pumpkin and a spider to hang in our tree. We also bailed on carving pumpkins this year and opted for the Mr. Potato Head approach! Hope you all had a great night.