Monday, January 28, 2008

THE SNOW part 2

So, I decided that I needed to have a better attitude concerning the latest weather Paige and I had a snowy play-date outside! We actually had a lot of fun! And, when we were both frozen...someone didn't want to come inside! She was so ticked off :)


Well, we had another huge storm over the weekend, and it just dumped on us. The roads have been so dangerous, and so we have been on lock-down since Saturday. The snow is pretty and all, but it gets old after a while. I am just looking forward to the day when I don't have to dig myself out of my own driveway. I know the majority of the country experiences snowfall, but this is ridiculous up here! Apparently this was the worst storm since 1996, so I guess everyone is a little irritated by the conditions, but I needed to vent a bit.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Black Eye

So Paige got her first real black eye the other day, and the problem I am having is that everywhere I go, people feel the need to point out the obvious. I am sick of hearing "Oh, looks like she has a black eye", or "hey, she has a black eye". I feel like saying, "NO WAY, I didn't notice!". I think it is a miracle that she has gone 15 months without such an incident. People need to just mind their own business.....
For those of you who don't know, she got it from falling off her rocking horse...only she was trying to ride it standing up on the seat with no hands. I have such a little dare-devil :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Paige is a Headbanger

Check her takes a few seconds, but then she gets her groove on! I think we will have our hands full with this one!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Our trip home for the Holidays!

Most of you know that we went home to California for a much-needed trip away from the base, and visit with our family and friends. We just returned home on Friday, although getting to the airport and on our plane was a story in and of itself. We had a great time up in Tahoe as a family for a few days, and then returned back to Modesto for Xmas Eve with the Wilkins side, and then on to San Ramon/Castro Valley with my side of the family. We got a chance to check out our friends bar in S.F. called 83 Proof (1st and Mission if you get a chance), I met my new baby sister, and even ate at our favorite Taqueria a few times. Justin and I were able to sneak away for New Years as my Mom so graciously watched Paige for us. We left her for 4 days, the longest I have ever been away from her. That was hard, but it was good for us as a couple...and my Mom was having a blast. It was a good trip. It is nice to be back home, but it is super snowy and cold. Justin leaves to Alaska for Arctic training on Sunday, and that should be interesting. We will be praying for him to return home safely with all his fingers and toes!