Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I left my heart in California

Oh hey....
Summer is here, and it is HOT in TX.
We have returned from our trip back to California,
and officially put on our big girl panties to get over the depression that always follows a trip home.
We were able to fly back together as a family due to the generous support of Justin's parents,
and for that we are SO thankful!!!
Justin's best friend Jeremy was getting married in Chico, and Justin was part of the wedding party.
Jeremy is a very big part of our lives and I was so thankful to share in his special day.

The ceremony was beautiful.
It was also extremely HOT, and the groomsmen were positioned directly in the late afternoon sun,
making things very uncomfortable and SWEATY!!

The kids lost their patience immediately (hot, tired, sweaty, thirsty),
but sat through the whole thing without dying.

Justin looked so handsome in his get-up....

.....There was crazy amounts of sweat beading off their heads.....
Such good sports.  Love these guys!

 The sweetest couple....
 The reception was out at this family farm, and it was the most beautiful setting.
 We LOVE you Jeremy and Tasha.

After our quick Chico visit, we headed up to Tahoe to spend the remainder of the trip.
My camera battery died only after a few days, but I managed to get in a few shots.

This face is hard to figure out......
what could I possibly be looking at????
Oh, right...these two studs racing back from the bathroom.  Love them to pieces.
They had so much fun together....definitely  in their element together.
Although we loved spending time with friends and cousins,
we had to sneak away as our family of 4 a few times.
One night we went down to El Dorado Beach to watch a paddle boarding contest.  It was so fun to see people of all ages out there having fun and being active. 
Loved that.

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary while we were gone.
We were able to enjoy a great meal together, which is an incredibly rare occurrence....
and reminisce on the good times we have shared over the last 11 years.
We look forward to all our future adventures, and quiet times, as we navigate through life together.
We feel so blessed and lucky to be best friends through it all.
Lots of love....
Happy Summer to you!