Thursday, February 25, 2010

jacket-free day

Although we have had such a mild winter this year, it is still winter and too cold to really get out much, but the other day was warm enough (40's) and so we headed to the park WITHOUT our jackets for some much needed playtime....I didn't even wear socks!

Riv is (kind of) big enough to navigate around the playground...he still needs a helping hand with everything, but he loves getting out with his sister! This is what happens when Justin comes to the park with us.....FREE RIVVY!

LOVE this face!

I even got in on the action....we all had to go down TOGETHER!

The clouds seem so much closer to the ground here in Washington....maybe I have just been away from home too long?

Daddy is way more fun to play tag with than I am....

Naptime??? I think so!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy 30th!

We have a 30 year old in the house now...and he isn't toooo happy about it! Whatever...I think it is cool that we are getting older, and so the kids and I put together a small (although kinda lame) family party for our Birthday Boy!
Paige said he needed his "OWN" cake and that we should also have cupcakes...DONE!

We are a sign-makin'-fools when it comes to any kind of celebration...any excuse and we are all over it!

Streamers were also in are only 30 once! The kids loved them!

Riv loved wearing his party hat...he wore it for a good 2 hrs. before Justin even got off work...funny boy!

The kids were so anxious for him to come we danced to release the energy..

(Yes, my kids are really THAT white...we haven't seen the sun in sooo long!)

Our sweet friends Brit and Laura put together a cool birthday surprise for Justin...a big bag full of party hats, Hershey's kisses, and homemade beer...complete with custom labels and party confetti! How thoughtful!!!

Happy Birthday are only getting better with age! xoxo

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Puffy Eye

We have dealt with this once before, only it was both eyes and MUCH we have had an epi-pen for that "just-in-case" moment of terror for about a year now....but today a little puffy eye returned. No rhyme or reason that I can pinpoint...just puffed up out of nowhere. This kid I tell you....

3 hrs. later: