Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Show and Tell

His Cheese Face

His Blue Steel (sorry it is so dark, P killed the lights!)

I buzzed his head the other day, so he doesn't look like this anymore,
but his hair grows insanely fast,
so it will once again be long and luxurious!

I haven't uploaded the pictures from the birthday party yet
but I will soon...
I promise!!!!


I did do something new
and please feel free to NOT watch it,
but if you do
you might like it.

I made a little beauty video about some products I have been using and loving...
so maybe you want to see that,
and maybe you don't.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September is a great month!

I love September!

Back to School
new shoes
Biggest Loser Premiere
new baby sister Gwendolyn (she was born last week!)

It is all good!
Early Birthday gift opening...

She LOVES it!!!

We went to the Fair...
played games...
and rode a ride...

posed with a fire truck...

Ate A LOT of sugar...

Yes, even he did...



This was our second and last time going to the fair here...I really love going
The animals
The music
The people watching
The looks on our kids faces...

It was a lot of fun...

The kids Birthday Party is Saturday...should be a good time!
Lots of kids, lots of pizza, cake,
and Tye dying!

Am I crazy???
Maybe crazy is good one day out of the year!

19 days till we pickup the moving van...oy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A walk in the woods

In true Justin + Ariel fashion, we rented a cabin
in the middle of nowhere (Baring,WA),
and it turned out to be another great and crazy plan!
The drive in was long but so beautiful...
and required us to travel through the clouds,
over some tiny suspension bridges (thank you Justin for driving),
and landed us in an area where people DO NOT want to be disturbed
(hence the sign attached to a pitchfork!).
Good thing we don't have the vanagon anymore...!

We threw rocks in to the river, or in Justin's case, boulders...

We hugged it out...

Explored the shore...

Thoroughly enjoyed the beauty around us...

Stayed COZY in our cabin, and got warm in the hot tub...

Smiles all around!

NOW, it is time to get real...and get ready for this move!

Time to pack
Time to organize
Time to remember not to panic...

Life is good...

Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer sneak peek!

Time with old friends...very bittersweet!

Time with sweet little friends...getting wet and loving it!

Park Time with Nick & Nelson!

Breakfast with Elmo

Super FUN bath times....

Little Sis with Paige...nothing better!

Love my Big Sis...xo

Making up games...

Looking cute and posing!

Grandpa Time!

Auntie Time!

Love my Nieces!

Hot sister, and cutest niece!

Lots of pool time....and sunscreen!


Time to wander and explore...

It was a good summer....but I am looking forward to Fall!