Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Show and Tell

His Cheese Face

His Blue Steel (sorry it is so dark, P killed the lights!)

I buzzed his head the other day, so he doesn't look like this anymore,
but his hair grows insanely fast,
so it will once again be long and luxurious!

I haven't uploaded the pictures from the birthday party yet
but I will soon...
I promise!!!!


I did do something new
and please feel free to NOT watch it,
but if you do
you might like it.

I made a little beauty video about some products I have been using and loving...
so maybe you want to see that,
and maybe you don't.



  1. That was so FUN! I am so glad you did that very informative, my big question is face wash and moisturizer. I can't find either one of those that I like....any thoughts, or maybe that could be one of your next topics. I wish they made a Mother with Multiple Children Cream that made you look like you got 8 hours of sleep when you really only got 5 :)

    I love the video idea, I hope you keep doing it. I felt like I was skyping with you!

  2. I LOVED THIS!!!!! do more please. that made my afternoon.

  3. Ariel you are SO CUTE!! ahaha..i have been trying the Philosophy skin care line as well, which is great for my sensitive skin, i luv luv luv it!!
    I TOTALLY need to try the lip stuff, oh my gosh!
    Good luck moving girlie!!


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