Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer sneak peek!

Time with old friends...very bittersweet!

Time with sweet little friends...getting wet and loving it!

Park Time with Nick & Nelson!

Breakfast with Elmo

Super FUN bath times....

Little Sis with Paige...nothing better!

Love my Big Sis...xo

Making up games...

Looking cute and posing!

Grandpa Time!

Auntie Time!

Love my Nieces!

Hot sister, and cutest niece!

Lots of pool time....and sunscreen!


Time to wander and explore...

It was a good summer....but I am looking forward to Fall!


  1. Your kiddos are beautiful Ariel!! Looks like you kept 'em busy with lots of fun!!!

  2. HOW FUN! I am so jealous you went to Fairyland...that is on my list to do to take Jacob and the kids there, they have never been :)

  3. looking at those made me miss you and your kiddos so much!

  4. I miss you guys already so much. Loved spending time with you and your kiddos

  5. okay is "little sis" daves baby? she is SO cute!! all of these pics are so cute! p is such a diva and riv is adorable i love his smile and little teeth!! im sad i wasnt there to have sister time.. someday.. :/ love u!

  6. oh my gosh, how fun! so glad you got to see your family! and Mr River looks WAY too grown up with his mounds of big boy hair!! They are getting so big, adorable family...


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