Thursday, August 30, 2012

And she's off...

If you know Paige, then you know she was probably ready for Kindergarten 2 years ago...
But, because her birthday is late, this last year of waiting has been particularly difficult
for us both.
She had a great year in Pre-K last year, and we had the most perfect pair of teachers EVER,
but 3 hours of school was just not long enough for her. 
She needed more. 
She needed what I couldn't give her at home. 
So we waited for the day to come.

She wished away every day of summer, for August 27th.
(Everyday pretty much looked like this....
and the girl taught herself to ride a two-wheeler and swim this summer.  She rocks!)

So the day finally arrived.
She was off to Kindergarten.
No tears.
No worry.
She was ready.

The person who took it the hardest was, of course, little brother.
No more dress up days.
No more sister time.
He was a wreck...asking all day when we could go get her.

But he has recovered nicely, and we are counting down the days til he can start Preschool next month.
I was so ready for my girl to start school, that I was surprisingly cool about it all.
I surprised myself.

Then I read this,
and sobbed like a little baby.
Kelle gets me every time.

I am so proud of my girl, and am thrilled she has this opportunity now.
I am so grateful that I have been home with her every day for the last (almost) 6 years and that I have been there for every moment. 
I have not missed a thing. 
What a priceless gift.

Now it is time to let her spread her wings and have some responsibility.
I love that. 

Next month when I have to drop Riv off for his first day I am certain I will cry when I get home.
Probably a very big, ugly cry.
Because he is my little one, and this is it.
They are growing up and my life, my role is changing.
It is so wonderful, but growing pains are hard on Mommas.

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend.
Thinking of all the Moms out there this week!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer Rain

Randomly these storm systems move through our area, and are completely hit and miss.
You never really know when they are coming until they are right on top of you.
On this day, the kids were just playing outside when one moved in.
They ran in to grab their rain jackets (Hilarious)
 and ran back out just as quick to soak up every minute of this much needed rain
(just look at out yard...ack!)

I can't say I love this heat, but I will say I don't miss the Washington cold.
Fall will be welcomed with open arms in our home,
and by "Fall" I mean temperatures under 90.
Oh, Texas.