Thursday, March 1, 2012

cats vs. dogs

Here's the thing....
Riv doesn't talk nearly as much or as clearly as Paige did.
Paige at 2.5 years old

Paige at 3.5 years old

BUT, he has a lot to say and is very sweet and funny about what he chooses to share.
For instance, on the drive home this morning
from dropping Paige at school
we saw a girl running with her dog.
He saw the dog and pointed out how they were working out together.
Here is what his stream of consciousness was at that particular moment.

R: Mom, you want a dog to workout with you.
A: Sure, that would be fun to have a dog someday.
R: Yeah, not a cat.
Cause they scratch.
A: They scratch?
R: Yeah, they scratch up the curtains, and break the breakable dishes.
A: Really?
R: Yes, ALL your breakable dishes.
A: Crazy?!
R: Yeah, and you would be so sad. And Dad would say "Kill the cat. Kill the cat!"
A: Wow. That's crazy.
R: Yeah, let's get a dog when I grow up.

He is turning in to a funny little boy, and SUCH a boy at that.
He is starting to say mean things to his sister
which, in his defense, are mean things that she has said to him...
but I really don't like this kind of talk.
He also says the sweetest things to us, sister included that melt our hearts.

The thought of him being 4 BIG YEARS OLD this year really blows me away.
Memories hit you hard and can be pretty heavy at times.
So, I am enjoying our mornings together...and loving his commentary on the world.
Love you Riv.

On a tangent, the cheapest way to be "Mom of the Week"
is to give your kids a black trash bag, and tell them it is a cool new kite.
You just bought yourself at least 20 minutes of fun time!
You're welcome!