Saturday, May 12, 2012

around here

We have a new friend. We call her Kitty.

She keeps her distance, but she loves us. We don't know who she belongs to, but she likes to visit us from time to time. She will sit outside our porch and cry until someone comes out to talk with her.  The kids love this, as they are dying to have some sort of pet,and I don't mind because there is no maintenance on my part.  She is pretty sweet, clean, and adds something different to the daily routine.

She prefers to just watch the kids, but occasionally will get in my lap or let the kids love on her. We have not seen her for a few days, and I have my suspicions that she went off to have some babies. Her belly was looking rather large the last few times we saw her.

And she killed and consumed two pigeons last our yard. I am still finding feathers.

In other news, Riv is an emerging chalk artist. He is really getting creative, and having fun with it all. This of course makes me SO HAPPY!

A giant Turkey...a banana man, monster bugs....

Family Portrait

Getting took him so long to draw the body on this one...scooting around to get it just the right shape.

The kids seem to be growing in warp speed the last month or so... Growing out of all their clothes, shoes, socks, etc. It is really something to look and see how much they have grown in the last year... Makes me sad and amazes me at the same time.

Happy Mothers Day.