Monday, December 10, 2012


We took apart the kids bunk-beds this weekend to switch things up, 
and they have been loving the transformation. 
(Even though we do this every few months, they still act so thrilled and surprised by it. 
Works for me!) 
They went in to Fort building mode, and enjoyed themselves the majority of the weekend 
playing Pirate Ship, or Animal Hospital, or Space Ship..... 
So today, River asked for help making a fort while Paige is at school. 
Of course I obliged, and no sooner than I was finished, 
he asked me how to spell a few words for his Fort sign. 
After helping him with this, he informed me I was a Monster, 
and kicked me out! 

He has Bear and Puppy as his Bouncers if things get crazy!
Love that boy.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

scenes from the good life

 The latest Photobooth adventure
 Evidence of a Kindergartener
 Hair is almost back to normal
 Pumpkin seed sprout
Preschool art projects
 "Stained Glass" Butterfly
 Empty Cicada shells

Caterpillars vs. Ariel  
 Pretty Oak
Star confetti from the weekend craft project
Backyard pretties 
Too many 8-legged friends
Necessary Superhero sports equipment
random "Happies" from River- can't get enough of these.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Port A

We took our family vacation a bit later in the summer due to Justin's work schedule,
but it worked out perfectly being that it is still plenty HOT in Texas,
and everyone is back to school...
not out at the beach.
Enter the perfect time to hit the Gulf.
We headed out to Port Aransas, and stayed at the Sea Gull Condominiums.
We could not have picked a more perfect spot for our little crew!
The people that owned the unit we rented have kids,
so the place was perfectly suited for a young family,
fully equipped with movies, puzzles, etc.
Here is our trip in pictures...

Texas State Aquarium Fun
Too excited to stand still...
Justin as acting paparazzi...
We LOVE turtles.
We LOVE dolphins, especially from this view.
Candy Shop.
Red Vines Salt Water Taffy = amazing.

Paige keeping up with her school work on the beach.
Amazon Mom.
Unit 406.
LOVED this place!!!
Don't mind the junk, we had already "settled in " when I took these shots.

Sunset walks.
Shell collecting.
Handwriting/Sandwriting practice.

Photography by Justin.
I think he was really feeling the lighting...

Love this man.

Getting silly now...

Serious sand time.

Paige's pre-dinner shots

Lazy Mornings

Best Buds
Hey Paige...


Little slice of heaven

Hey now...don't really want to go.
Port A attire...whatever you want.
Gym clothes in public is perfectly acceptable here.
Headed home...riding the Ferry in the Truck. 
This boy was ecstatic.

We can't wait to come back again.
This was the first time our kids swam in the ocean,
played in the sand all day,
touched a stingray,
and woke up to the sound of the waves.

Back to reality.
The kids picked out their Halloween costumes today,
a little early, but why not.
We have one happy Batman and Dorthy (Wizard of Oz) traipsing around the house tonight.