Monday, May 23, 2011

our weekend

We headed down to Corpus Christi for the weekend.
We ran in the Beach to Bay Marathon Relay with Justin's co-workers...
good times!

Our "team" came in 24th in our division of 121 teams
which was Military/Law enforcement/Fire.
We should have been in the Odds and Ends division
since I am technically not military
and that would have put us in 12th place out of 981 teams.

Overall we finished 154th out of 2,436 teams
and we did it in 3:35.
I was proud,even though I was the slowest a lot!

Hopefully there will be some photos from the race at some point,
but they may or may not make it on the blog...I was one red-hot sweaty mess.
It is a lot different running in the heat and humidity that is south Texas.
A LOT different....not pretty.

The fastest team finished in 2:17 with a pace of 5:15/
The were so stinking fast...unbelievable!

The rest of the weekend was spent doing this:

I think we will be back next year for sure.
The dolphins get me every time.
And the sea turtles were pretty magical.
I can't get enough of these kinds of weekends.

Even if they require unlimited potty breaks for the short drive home...
Especially when the sign at the rest stop says
"watch out for snakes".
Not my favorite.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today is a great day! I am all smiles!
Come on over to Jessica's blog to find out why.

I am guest-posting today, and you need to pop on over and start
following Crafting Happiness! xoxo

one year ago in his favorite hiding spot.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Do you ever get the feeling that your kids grew up overnight.
Like, seriously, 8 hrs. made them about 8 months older?
She did that last night.
Now, she is a jumping fool when music comes on,
or in this case the song to the credits of Toy Story 3.

She does the twist with the fierceness of an MMA champ...

She even wanted to take a picture with me,

He did too. He is now officially big.
And I really don't like it one bit. "Baby Riv" turned "heart-breaker" in one night.

Complete with lashes...

He is a pacifier-free man, and is proud.
He will tell anyone that will listen.

And who wouldn't want some face time with this handsome boy?

They played play dough this morning, without fighting.
Ummmm, whose kids are these again.............mine????
But then she kicked him in the over.

Happy Sunday.
Wish you were here.