Our Story

Some of you may know how "The Wilkins in Washington " came to be...some of you don't.
I will keep it rather simple:
Justin and I actually went to the same high school one year apart, and had many of the same friends and acquaintances. Justin did, however, have a lovely girlfriend for many years leaving him "unavailable" for high school and junior college.
 One night I did meet him face to face, although fate had brought us together on a few occasions before, and we really were inseparable after that.

He is an amazing man who has blessed my life with love, friendship, and children.

We are a great team, and I feel lucky to call him my husband.
We are looking towards the 11 year mark of being married in June, and will be celebrating 15 years as a couple in 2017. Even if we end up being The Wilkins in Nebraska (yikes...I hope that never happens!) we will make the best of it.
Always have.
Always will.