Friday, June 22, 2012

Tahoe Time

Nice to have 5 minutes to myself today....
so I am choosing to spend it on the blog.
The sad neglected blog.

At least I have things to share today.
We just returned from a weekend away
without the kids
(I know....amazing right?!)
and we were able to be there for Justin's brother
on his wedding day.
It was awesome.
It was extra special for us since I had not been up to Tahoe in the summer since our wedding
there 6 years ago...and it was our Anniversary week...
so we were just in heaven in our favorite place.
The drive up was amazing, and quiet, with no screamers in the back seat,
and the smell just gets me every time. 
It's hard to find a pine tree in San Antonio.
 Crazy boy jumped in the Lake, but I skipped it this time....
although he told me I have ruined the "tradition"....
What tradition?? 
Apparently he created one on the spot this time. 
I will get in next time, promise. 
Looking good at 32!
 A quick bite at Blue Water Bistro....such a great spot.

 Neil did an amazing job.  So fun to see him. 
If you need some music in California...look him up.  Neil Buettner!! Yay!
 Gorgeous Aunt Nancy/Godmother Nancy...we love you!  If you need a rental in South Lake, she has one....and it is amazing!!  Seriously perfect!
 Justin and his Mom.  Thank you Roberta for making this trip happen.  We love you.
 The "I Do's"

Saying goodbye is never very much fun. We were so thankful to have THE BEST babysitters around. Thank you Mom and Todd for loving our littles while we got to go play!

Till next time California.  We miss you terribly.
xo, A