Monday, July 25, 2011

his run

We finally got the photos from February 6th.

This was a great day for him...
It took him a few tries,
He tried in Washington,
and in Texas.
100 miles is a long way to run,
but on this day
he did it.
He ran 100 miles in 25 hours and 52 minutes.
There is nothing out of our reach...
we just have to take the first step.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Only watch this if you really LOVE my kids...
or else, it is just my kids being goofy.

Not really the most interesting thing...


they wanted to make a video for their Dad while he was gone
and this was what they decided to do.
Take it away crazy twosome!

Note all the copycat moves from Riv...
he watches and copies her every move!
Paige calls him a "coffee-cat".
That works.

Music by The Laurie Berkner Band