Monday, January 31, 2011

the run

I did it!
I didn't die,
and I didn't come in last place.
I beat 1200 people to the finish line,
but 3395 people beat me.
It is all good.
I finished in 2:28:14
in 87% humidity.

I am not a runner
but I did this.

I feel like we sell
ourselves short too much
of the time,
and say things
"I can't do that!"

Well, you really can.
I really ran 13.1 miles
all by my little self!

My friend Laura who got me to sign up
for the race
ran it in 2 hrs. flat.
She is a Mom of two, and barely had
any time to "train" for this,
and she killed it!

She didn't sell herself short.
She did this!

I beat Justin and the kids to the finish line
which was probably a good thing
or else I know I would have cried like a
I started getting emotional when I saw the finish line?
(don't ask me why!)

So we found each other after I had a minute to catch my breath
and drink some Gatorade.

My inspiration (Justin especially!)

And a little time to chat...
It was Laura...
She rocks!

Also, I would like to point out how much of a superhuman man my husband is.
I think it is incredible that he can run a marathon without thinking.
I think it is incredible that he can run 37.4 miles easily.
I think it is incredible that he has run 50 miles.
I think it is incredible that he has run 75 miles in one day.
I know he will do well next weekend as he attempts 100 miles again.
I pray he will do it, and not injure himself.

After running just a smidgen of what he has run, I will tell you
it takes so much mental strength to keep going, and not quit.
One thing is for sure,
Justin is no quitter
and I am so proud of everything he sets out to accomplish.
Please pray for him on Saturday and Sunday.

I have a city crush on Austin.
It was so cute and reminded me of home
and I want to go back..soon!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alamodome Repel

Here is Justin and a few co-workers repelling from the top of the Alamodome.
It was for the national anthem at Monster Jam San Antonio!

I know it is short...if I can find a better clip I will put it up.
Justin is the last one to come down on the right.
Here is a picture from inside so you can see just how high up it actually was from the top....and they had to do it in the dark!

He was sooo nervous!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


One year ago
the kids were this small.
Where did that baby go??
Now he has such big boy hair,
and a TON of it!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


We were graciously flown out to be with Justin's family for Christmas,
and so the journey began.
It was exciting, but a little long for our little people!
( yes, P has a black eye..she met Riv's head head-on in a collision!)

The cousins sure had fun,
and played hard everyday!

We enjoyed our time, and made the most of the gorgeous weather!

We did a lot of sledding
and to my surprise
River was in heaven!

Paige, not so much.
At least on the big hills.

She was an animal in my in-laws backyard,
but at the park she flew off the sled and got some ice burn
on her cheeks.
Kind of ruined the moment for her.

We went ice skating.
We had about 5 minutes of fun.

I secretly wished I could have stayed there.
I had so much fun!

The kids...not so much.
Too late in the day,
too cold,
too frustrating.

We played games,colored,snuggled,laughed and ate...alot!
We were so lucky to see friends
and have my sister come up with 5 kids in tow.
She is a brave girl!

As a parting gift, then night before we left
a big storm came through and dropped about a foot of snow.

It was A LOT...
and the power went out.
Good thing I have a Survival Expert for a husband.

Head lamp went on and he went to work building us a fire.
Thank you Justin!

Thank you Mother Nature.
Wish we could have just stayed by that fire all day.

We miss our Tahoe already!