Monday, December 10, 2012


We took apart the kids bunk-beds this weekend to switch things up, 
and they have been loving the transformation. 
(Even though we do this every few months, they still act so thrilled and surprised by it. 
Works for me!) 
They went in to Fort building mode, and enjoyed themselves the majority of the weekend 
playing Pirate Ship, or Animal Hospital, or Space Ship..... 
So today, River asked for help making a fort while Paige is at school. 
Of course I obliged, and no sooner than I was finished, 
he asked me how to spell a few words for his Fort sign. 
After helping him with this, he informed me I was a Monster, 
and kicked me out! 

He has Bear and Puppy as his Bouncers if things get crazy!
Love that boy.