Monday, January 31, 2011

the run

I did it!
I didn't die,
and I didn't come in last place.
I beat 1200 people to the finish line,
but 3395 people beat me.
It is all good.
I finished in 2:28:14
in 87% humidity.

I am not a runner
but I did this.

I feel like we sell
ourselves short too much
of the time,
and say things
"I can't do that!"

Well, you really can.
I really ran 13.1 miles
all by my little self!

My friend Laura who got me to sign up
for the race
ran it in 2 hrs. flat.
She is a Mom of two, and barely had
any time to "train" for this,
and she killed it!

She didn't sell herself short.
She did this!

I beat Justin and the kids to the finish line
which was probably a good thing
or else I know I would have cried like a
I started getting emotional when I saw the finish line?
(don't ask me why!)

So we found each other after I had a minute to catch my breath
and drink some Gatorade.

My inspiration (Justin especially!)

And a little time to chat...
It was Laura...
She rocks!

Also, I would like to point out how much of a superhuman man my husband is.
I think it is incredible that he can run a marathon without thinking.
I think it is incredible that he can run 37.4 miles easily.
I think it is incredible that he has run 50 miles.
I think it is incredible that he has run 75 miles in one day.
I know he will do well next weekend as he attempts 100 miles again.
I pray he will do it, and not injure himself.

After running just a smidgen of what he has run, I will tell you
it takes so much mental strength to keep going, and not quit.
One thing is for sure,
Justin is no quitter
and I am so proud of everything he sets out to accomplish.
Please pray for him on Saturday and Sunday.

I have a city crush on Austin.
It was so cute and reminded me of home
and I want to go back..soon!



  1. oh my gosh you did great! um, but my face would be beet, blood red, you don't even look like you sweated! lol. you are so awesome, congrats on a huge accomplishment! i'm still scared poopless to do this and mine isn't until august, ahahaha. but it probably totally is mind over matter, we can train our bodies to do anything really, look at olympic athletes they just train train train and their bodies adjust!
    your husband is crazy awesome fitness man, good luck to him and good job Ariel!!

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  3. YAY!! You did it!! I'm supposed to run a half marathon with my sister at the end of march (hoping to be able to) I'm a little nervous...You are my inspiration:) You look amazing by the way...I wish we lived closer then you could be my personal trainer. I bet your hubby is proud of you:)

  4. good job ariel!! you are making me want to do it now, I can see why you teared up at the end, I completely understand that! I never thought I could do that, since I am not a runner either but you are seriously making me consider it...

  5. If your awesome and you know it....clap your hands. ;) Your awesome btw, so applaud yourself.

  6. Wow! Totally proud of you! You ladies are awesome and I miss you so much.

  7. Way to go! It makes me want to start running, but I have never really been much of a runner. Just curious, what was your playlist while you were running?? I think it's fun to see what music gets other people going :)

  8. Way to go! I signed up for the Halloween half marathon here in Provo. It will be 3 months after having a baby so I'm pretty sure I will be walking the whole thing, but it will still be a major accomplishment for me.

  9. I'm so proud of you for doing this...I know what a big deal it was for you & I commend you for your motivation, determination and BRAVERY! Love you


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