Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home Sweet Apartment

Inquiring minds want to know....
What does your apartment look like????
So, here you have it.
A smallish photo tour of our sweet little home.
It was a blessing we found such a nice spot
in our price range, in the nick of time.


This is the view from the front door...

We have all of 3.25 windows in the whole apartment, and it is very dark
so forgive the awful artificial lighting...mkay!
And our walls are yellow...
your eyes aren't deceiving you!

We like to pretend we live in a cave.

The door off to the side leads to our bedroom/bathroom.


View while washing dishes

I like the floors

Welcome to the jungle!
(note: no cleaning of any kind was done before snapping these. That's how you know we are real good friends...I know you won't judge. It feels weird when there aren't 3 pairs of shoes strewn about...really.)

Groovy bunk-bed lights courtesy of my Mom.
The kids think they are the coolest!
Artwork done by the babies.
Paige's is on top and Riv's on the bottom.
We like to paint!
Reading corner
Kids bathroom
Riv brushes his teeth/sucks on training toothpaste at least 3 times a day...
I think this is more good than bad??
Our bedroom/office/dumping ground/gym/studio

Our bathroom.
Does that mirror look familiar??
All 30/30 photos were taken there.
All our shoes are hung up on that door and behind the bathroom door.
We have to put them somewhere!!
And there you have it...
We have 8 months left here and then (fingers crossed)
we can find a great home to rent for the other 3.25 years we have left here!
That is the plan anyway.
We need a little yard,
We need a little more space.
We need one more closet.
That's all.



  1. Awesome! I feel connected to you again now that I know where you live! haha

    I love the train table and have wanted one (for myself really) since I can remember. I guess I need to re-add it to my list, as soon as the rocking chair and crib leave Ronan's room.

  2. So cute! Love the kitchen counters and the kids bunk beds. You are brave, Ruby would be jumping off the top. I also love that picture of River at the sink, every time I open the bathroom door Ross runs in there, pulls Ruby’s potty up to the sink, turns the water on and brushes his teeth, it’s so cute! I find him doing it often too :)

  3. Amazing and cannot wait to enjoy a cup of coffee in your cute kitchen... HINT HINT =)

  4. Looks cozy! Wish we could see it in person, Remy would be all over that train table. Oh and Remy "brushes" his teeth the same way :)

  5. so lucky to have found it so quickly, it's really NICE!! i like the floors too and i LOVE your shower curtain!!

  6. Saw you commneted at "Enjoying the Small Things" and thought I'd stalk a little bit ;)
    Noticed you are in Texas?
    Where abouts?
    I'm an Austin girl for the time being, but my hubby and I will be heading to North Carolina after he graduates and commissions into the Air Force in May.
    You have a beautiful family!
    Have a Blessed Day!


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