Saturday, February 12, 2011


Here is a glimpse into our daily grind.
Not much of a grind...
more like a float.

We do what we want when we want.
Our only commitment is to soccer on Saturdays at 2.
Other than that we hang.

We go out,
random trips to Target,
almost daily outings to the gym,
and soon enough, daily swims at the pool.
But for now, we hang.
And a favorite spot of theirs is our bed,
preferably right after I make it,
and no,
they don't re-make it for me....
I usually don't re-make it either.
Once a day is enough for me!

Typical day....
"where's Riv??"
He found one of Daddy's head-lamps

*evil laugh*
Look Sis!!

Gotta check out my ankle
Oh, wait, there is an "ouchie"
Gotta itch it.
Now we are in business

Letting sis in on the action, or lack thereof
She made it change colors!!
Under the covers we go.
Settling down
So dreamy.

I have struggled, and still struggle with our "float".
Don't get me wrong...
it is dreamy.
but it is tough too.
Paige decided to bite Riv out of the blue the other day.
Paige, my 4 and a half year old.
Guess who now discovered how to bite??
(When he has never done that before...)
Thank you Paige!
Kids are tough.
Staying at home is tough.

But it is amazing that these two toughies are mine.
And I am their Mom.
I am lucky.
Oh so lucky!


  1. and they are lucky to have you as their Mommy! you are the BEST Mommy!!

  2. I remember those days....the float becomes fast forward as soon as they hit kindergarten and there is no going back. enjoy your time now because there are no breaks ahead sister. xoxox


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