Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September is a great month!

I love September!

Back to School
new shoes
Biggest Loser Premiere
new baby sister Gwendolyn (she was born last week!)

It is all good!
Early Birthday gift opening...

She LOVES it!!!

We went to the Fair...
played games...
and rode a ride...

posed with a fire truck...

Ate A LOT of sugar...

Yes, even he did...



This was our second and last time going to the fair here...I really love going
The animals
The music
The people watching
The looks on our kids faces...

It was a lot of fun...

The kids Birthday Party is Saturday...should be a good time!
Lots of kids, lots of pizza, cake,
and Tye dying!

Am I crazy???
Maybe crazy is good one day out of the year!

19 days till we pickup the moving van...oy!


  1. So fun! and I love the Fair too! you will be in Texas before you know it. I bet you are excited for your new adventure ahead! Good luck with the birthday parties.

  2. Ava's NM BFF is having her Birthday Party this Saturday as well....also the big #4. We will think of you guys as we eat our cake down in this part of the country...soon to be YOUR part of the country! <3<3

    Riv's hair cracks me much body and shine!!


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