Thursday, February 25, 2010

jacket-free day

Although we have had such a mild winter this year, it is still winter and too cold to really get out much, but the other day was warm enough (40's) and so we headed to the park WITHOUT our jackets for some much needed playtime....I didn't even wear socks!

Riv is (kind of) big enough to navigate around the playground...he still needs a helping hand with everything, but he loves getting out with his sister! This is what happens when Justin comes to the park with us.....FREE RIVVY!

LOVE this face!

I even got in on the action....we all had to go down TOGETHER!

The clouds seem so much closer to the ground here in Washington....maybe I have just been away from home too long?

Daddy is way more fun to play tag with than I am....

Naptime??? I think so!


  1. aww Riv's hair cut looks so cute!

  2. Ok that picture of River on the green slide is to die for! You guys are all so cute :)

  3. PS I love Justin's sweat shirt....Sierra Nevada CHICO PRIDE :) We love that place

  4. omg love rivie's buzz cut! too cute. I miss p and r too much.


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