Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Halloween

Happy Halloween! We weren't scary this year...I was a soccer player, Justin was a guy with a Mullet, Paige wore her cousin's dance recital outfit and called herself a Sunflower Fairy, and Riv was Abu the monkey from Aladdin. We of course had to do some kind of craft around here, so Paige made a pumpkin and a spider to hang in our tree. We also bailed on carving pumpkins this year and opted for the Mr. Potato Head approach! Hope you all had a great night.


  1. OH, so cute! It was truely so wonderful to finally see you and your kids. family is where its at, in the end that is all we have. I hope we get to see you guys more often, if not thank heavens for blogging. I love your quilts! Take care

  2. I love your Halloween costumes! If I had legs like yours I'd be a soccer player too..;-) It's so fun to dress up, and I was able to just pull stuff out of the girls dress up bin for Halloween this year so I didn't have to buy anything but some face glitter, woohoo! Your kiddos are the cutest, I love all the videos and pics, OH and I love the pumpkins, I think that's a great idea and they turn out so CUTE!!! I may not always comment but I love all the crafty ideas you put on your blog and Hot Mommy, I get inspired! Your quilts just turned out so awesome!

  3. Just saw your comment on Design Mom & I had to laugh when I saw your sons name. It has always been one of my favorites. If we ever had a boy it would be my first choice. Your family is just adorable. Hope you have a great week :)


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