Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Tiny Bit of Sun

It has been raining here, as I know it has been for most of you....but snow is on the way again, so we savored our tiny bit of sun today. Thanks to the rain, we are having fun discovering all these "treasures" a.k.a. "junk" that has been hidden in the snow at our new house. The old tenants have amazed me at their ability to have the most random items on their lawn...and then to leave them there....long enough to get snowed over. Let's just say we have some work cut out for ourselves this Spring.

She fell in the snow....her hands were so frozen at that point, so it probably did hurt as much as her face is showing...poor Paigie!

Oh, and some of you have asked about my new camera...which is amazing....I got a Nikon D60 from COSTCO....great deal for what we bought, and I LOVE IT! I am slowly learning, and driving my kids crazy as I shove this big black thing in their faces all the time, but it is soooo much fun!


  1. aww poor Paige! I know what it feels like to have frozen popsicle fingers... it happens every time I go out to take pictures for my classes. They freeze in the shutter position! Poor baby girl!

  2. I love her little face. She is so adorable and beautiful. And your picture-taking skills are great! I love looking at your pictures. I have a Canon Rebel and I'm still figuring things out on it.


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