Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Loves

So I kind of missed the opportunity to do this before V-Day due to the move and all....but I still wanted to make this a post.

I am so blessed to have the most amazing family, who is supportive, funny, loving and understanding...

Justin- I love you because you are everything I struggle to amaze me.

Paige- I love you because you challenge me and help me to grow, and remind me what
is important

River- I love you because you are make me feel so special, keep up the
good work buddy :)

Daddy Dave- I love you because you love life, and you love Noelle and matter what. I have learned so much from you...and I really appreciate the person you are..Josie is lucky to have you as a Dad too

Mom- I love you because you understand me and love me help me
be a better Mom through your example

Noelle- I love you because you were my first and best friend, and because you are
always there to talk to and have fun with....I really miss you

Miles- I love you because you have so much integrity and are a
wonderful man, and I can't wait for the days when we get to spend more time

Samantha- How could I not love were like my first baby, and you always
make me smile....I am so proud of who you are growing up to be.

Obviously I love so many more my cousins, Aunties, Uncles, etc. This whole experience of being up here in Washington has really given us the perspective of how important our family and true friends are, and how much we miss all of you.
22 months left up here....woo hoo!


  1. That picture of you and Justin is soo beautiful. I just kept looking at it, and finally called Miles into our office and had to tell him that I think you two are THE cutest couple, he agrees. And so are Paige and River. Of course. The cutest couple has to have the cutest kids!

  2. i love you too sissY! I miss you all so much i want our family to all be back together again!


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