Thursday, February 19, 2009


So, I am taking bets on what color River's eyes will end up being.....they are still pretty blue, nowhere near as blue as Paige's.....but we will see???

I got a "real" table and chairs for my birthday! Our friends got a new dining set, so we bought their old one. For those of you who didn't know, our old table was an accident waiting to happen....a really adorable and cool looking table, but not stable at all. I am sure I will change the fabric on the chairs soon, but for now it is perfect for us.

Paige and I made funfetti cupcakes at 10 am for my birthday...why not, right?!

People say you can tell a lot about a person by what their fridge looks like....what does mine say about me??? And this is really what is on my fridge....minus the occasional painting or drawing from Miss P.


  1. Happy late-Birthday! That sewing machine you have as a hand me down is a lot better then the one I had before. The last one I had only did one stitch, it was pretty sad. Hand me downs are the best, you get to learn on it and decide if you want to spend the money on a nice one for yourself or not. I'm working on a serger that is a hand me down, and it works just fine and I love it. When is your birthday by the way? Mine is today!

  2. You're fridge says you love Miles and me! I love that you still have us on your fridge! It also says you're gorgeous and have beautiful babies and a hot husband!
    Oh and I LOVE those kids magnet thing, I play with my nephews all the time, I think I'm more entertained by it than he is sometimes

  3. okay, im mad at you. you love miles more than me and noey? wooow.. where are our pictures huh?

  4. hmm.. it says you are creative, industrious,sentimental, curious, funny, adorable and loved.

    hope you had a nice birthday!

  5. Happy Late Birthday! I love love love your new table and chairs...we also need a new one. Ours is my parents table they got for their wedding 27 years ago, I think it's seen enough :)


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