Thursday, February 5, 2009

My budding artist

Paige ran out of paper on her easel this afternoon, so I put aside my OCD issues about her and "markers" and let her use a dry erase marker for the first time on it...after all it is a white board. She loved it, and got very creative immediately drawing our family, and then on to different kinds of "suns", i.e. baby sun, grandma sun, etc. Finally she drew some flowers and then added two snakes which in turn scared her so badly, she hid under the table until I erased them for her. She is too much! I love that she loves to draw and create...we totally bond over these moments, probably the only real quiet time we share besides story time. I love my big girl :)

She wasn't thrilled I stopped her drawing time to snap a picture...

Showing her creations

Our family

Three different suns

Flowers with 2 snakes....I drew the one flower, in case you were wondering :)

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  1. Ariel your babies are the cutest. You have the cutest lil family. Miss and love you! Mwah


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