Friday, July 2, 2010

70 days...maybe?

So, Justin left us on Wednesday for his deployment...he will probably be gone for about 70 days, down from the original 93 days that is was going to be...but it is the military, so we will just look forward to seeing him at some point in September.

( I would like to interject here how lucky I feel sending him off for such a short time in comparison to many men and woman who bravely leave their families for MUCH longer periods of time to serve...but he is gone, and I will miss him very much! Any time away from your family is hard.)

We spent our last few "family" days like this...

Justin is the "fun" parent that splashes/tortures the kids and chases them around the yard...I am not that parent...and I gave him the death look as my camera was just out of splash range...I think I should get a waterproof point-and-shoot for the summertime!

The little dog next door loves us...her name is Tink....she is tiny (can you see her??), and funny, and total entertainment for Riv. He loves her!

I will update as I get info. on his adventures overseas. He is in Germany now, and will be bopping around for the next 10 weeks....he should have a blast and learn a lot while he is there.



  1. I'm glad you guys had some great weather to spend quality family time together before the hubby has to leave. Hope the 70 days goes by fast!

  2. you're right, ANY time is hard, I Hope you have a lot of good friends around to help you out, cuz it's hard being a married/single parent. ;) We'll be praying for your little family, hopefully since it's summer the days will be filled up and the time will fly :)


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