Saturday, July 31, 2010

looking back

(right before we found out we were pregnant with Miss P)

Justin and I have sure crammed in a lot of living in the last 8 yrs. and sometimes I just wish I could hit the pause button.

Don't you ever feel that way?

I suppose we all have this similar fate, of making the most out of the tornado of everyday life...but some days I just miss certain things about my life before P & R!

I miss sleeping in...
and not even really late, I would be happy with 8am...
instead of 5:55....I think this wake-up time has aged me like 10 yrs....
but we are working on that.

I miss late night sushi dinners....late night movies...late night nights
Those are really fun.

I miss just hopping in the car and going....
not triple checking to make sure I have everything-under-the-sun including snacks, water, diapers, pacifier, tissues, sunblock, crayons, paper, stroller, etc.
We are working on this too.

I miss alone time...
Can I get an amen?!

BUT, I am grateful beyond measure for how things have shaped up for us.
We could never imagine the life we have now...
and I feel so blessed to be home with my kids,
up at 5:55,
eating early chicken dinners,
taking shorter-not-as-exciting day trips,
with my two little sidekicks
that think I am

THIS I would not change for the world.



  1. I can definitely give you an AMEN to that! I miss movies and dinners...but what I try and remember is that before we know it, our babies will be grown and we'll get to sleep in and have late nights all we want (for the rest of our lives...) but oh how we will miss having these runts around won't we!

    and um no you have not aged 10 years! I feel the same way sometimes with lack of are not alone, I think ALL mothers feel this way!

  2. oh man ariel I was just feeling the same exact way and brought it up to my hubby last week. I LOVE being a mom and everything that comes with it but I too miss the alone time and the spontaneity of life as just a couple. ;) I wish I had a pause button too, time is just flying by. :) I do hope it goes by fast for you for the next few weeks though so you can be back with your husband!

  3. I love P's little voice in that sweet!!

  4. lack of sleep has totally aged me, for realzzzzzzz, and stress, and sweating and trying to remember and keep everything together all the time, especially when the hubby is deployed. I always envy their alone time, but just like your hubby said, it gets old way fast and they just want to be home with their families...I'm so glad you get to go spend time with your mommy!! it totally helps!!


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