Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 19

With week 3 of J's deployment fast approaching,
I thought I would post evidence of us having fun on day 19
...since we are still having fun
....for now.
But, we have had
A lot of sulking
A lot of pouting
A lot of ATTITUDE....(even Riv has started the arms-crossed sass!)
But I digress...

Riv is kind of obsessed with our hand-me-down Cozy Coupe at the moment.
He doesn't go anywhere in it...just likes to sit
....have a little "guy time" I suppose.
If Paige is anywhere near it, he runs to it with full speed and jumps in like his life depended on it.
(Check out that physique!)

LOVE Paige's face in this one....funny girl!

I have been wanting to recover our chairs (again) for some time now, but really wanted to do it in something wipeable
(thanks P & R for always wiping your hands on our chairs)
....enter super bright and happy laminated cotton.
Goodbye very tired, although classic, black and white gingham...kinda.
I think they are much more cheery and happy, and they have stood up to countless cups of liquid, spaghetti sauce, blueberry smashings and dirty feet...
LOVE! And they got a new coat of white paint after these shots were taken, FYI.

And now, because I am totally sentimental this week, I leave you with a flashback from one year ago:
I really miss these kids...
Last year was a lot easier than this year....
last year I didn't hear things like "You are ruining my life!" when I brush her hair out at night....
But I am learning to love where I am,
and make the most of these last precious years with the kids before I go back to work and the kids start REAL school...
I know I will miss these days just as much as I miss THESE days from last year.


  1. Love the new chair fabric! So pretty!

  2. I'm sorry your man is gone, I haven't read blogs forever, I'm behind. I think the world for you families that are without the dad's. You deserve just as much recognition. Love the photos, kids are darling. Love the chairs, they are darling also.

  3. Aww!! You painted them! I remember painting that bench and it sucked pretty badly. The chairs HAD to of been harder to paint. That is why you are my hero.

    Ava is very upset that Paige has bangs....she has been wanting them for some time, but I can't do it!

  4. aw I love seeing what you are up to, post more! those chairs are adorable. our table/chairs were hand me downs, I have been dreaming of a great table and chairs for a few years now...haha! one day...

  5. laminated cotton?? i really need to get up to speed with all things creative! i know how you feel about the kiddos, when you're in the middle of it, it doesn't seem to be going by so fast, but then all of a sudden a year has gone by, then 2 and on and're a great mommy, each new stage is a blessing and a trial, ha!


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