Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the latest

We got orders to TEXAS, so we will be moving to San Antonio in October!
I still can't really wrap my head around it all, but I am excited
and grateful for a new adventure that will carry us for the next 4 years.
Justin will be an instructor for the SERE selection course, or SERE Indoc.
So basically he will be part of the group that selects the guys and gals that get to come up here to Spokane to try to become a SERE Specialist.
Watch out Texas, here we come!

Our family pictures turned out great! Jaidean Baker is the best, and we LOVED working with her. These are the 5 we picked from the session to have and to hold!

Riv has a new favorite hiding spot....

Manito Park is almost in full swing/bloom...
such a beautiful place to explore.
I absolutely love coming here, and the kids think it is pretty cool.
It is very cool!

We took Riv to the river...he loved it so much he ran right in till he was knee-deep, and then cried because it was freezing.
Poor guy!

Riv loves far his favorite word to say.

Our little garden has outgrown its spot in the window. We planted most of it outside about a week ago.....we had two nights of freezing temps....
I think I lost everything except my carrots.
Boo for freezing nights in MAY!
Time will tell if they come back...

oh, and I LOVE YOU!



  1. riv loves apples just liike his mama used to! love your family!! you guys are soo cute!

  2. that park looks so beautiful and congrats getting into Texas! that will be great and so warm for you guys. :)!

  3. Can't wait to see pictures from Texas...when you will be in your shorts in December! You can have a garden year round!!!

  4. You have such a beautiful family - you included!

    Congrats on the transfer... I'm assuming it's great news! :)

  5. wow, texas! what a change from the freezing weather you're used, fun adventure for you and your family though. That is a beautiful park, at least all the rain does make it so pretty and green there.
    Apple was one of Belle's fave words when she first started talking, except she said "bopple" ahaha
    You know i LOVE your family pics, can't get more perfect than those, so gorgeous!!

  6. Love your family pics!! You are all adorable. So Texas huh?!? Warmer weather coming your way... your kids will love that.


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