Monday, January 28, 2013

The MAN Update

Can I talk about him for just a minute??

So Justin and I have been married for 6.5 years, and together for 10.5. We have truly grown up together, and our military experience has really put us through our paces these last few years.  We are at one of those turning points again, as they seem to come up when you are halfway through an enlistment, and we feel strongly that Justin should try and become an Officer.  When we joined, he was 27 (ancient to join by enlisted standards), and already had his Bachelors degree.  The job he wanted was only for enlisted members, and it didn't seem a problem at the time for either one of us.  He has loved his time as a SERE Specialist, and has learned so much over the last 6 years.  But, now that he has his Masters degree, it only feels right that he try and become an Officer.  So we are almost done with the grueling process of putting his application packet together....and will find out in May if he gets selected to go to Officer Training School (OTS). It's going to be a LONG spring!  If he gets selected, he will enter a 12 week program, where upon completion, will be an Officer.

In the mean time, the Officer job he is hoping to land requires a whole separate selection process.  He wants to become a Combat Rescue Officer.

This is the job description from the Air Force website:

Some of the most courageous Airmen in the Air Force are those dedicated  to the rescue and recovery of injured servicemen from the front lines.  Alone and immobile, the injured are often extremely vulnerable and thus  need a swift, effective rescue evacuation. Combat Rescue Officers  organize and strategize recovery missions, train and equip rescue  personnel and manage and develop survival skills programs. They also  deploy into direct combat as a team member, team leader or mission  commander or provide expert insights to plan and control special  reconnaissance, terminal control and recovery operations.

In order to have a chance to try for this job,he had to first apply for an invitation to the selection, which he did receive...and only about 40 people in the whole Air Force get chosen a year to do that.  He will go to the selection at the end of March for a treacherous week of hell.  In order to prepare for this, he has been swimming twice a day, at 5:30 am and after work, and working out in the middle of the day.  This has been mentally and physically exhausting for him.  He is up at 4 every morning, and in bed before 8 every night.  He always gives 150% in whatever he is doing, but this is some serious training.  I pray all of his hard work will pay off.

Need a peek of what I am talking about.....

If he can make it through this.....AND get selected to attend Officer Training School, then he will enter the actual program to become a Combat Rescue Officer.  This can take about 18 months, if he can complete it all.  You can imagine there are a lot of injuries along the way....
It would look something like this....

And as a side note, he is like "Grandpa" being that he is now 33. Most of his competition will be about 23. He had to get an age waiver to even apply!  You must be done with Officer Training School before your 35th birthday, so the clock is ticking and this is our only real shot at this.  He can reapply once, but would have to wait 6 months to do so.

The reason I am sharing all of this is that I need your support.  I have not shared this information with hardly anyone, because so many balls are still up in the air, and Justin is a very private person about things like this.

I would also like to point out that he may not even get picked up for Officer School, and may not make it through HELL week in March....But, I still need your support and prayers.  If these things don't pan out, we have some serious thinking to do as far as where we go from here.  And that scares me too.

Here's to living your dreams, and reaching for things that seem unattainable.  I believe in my man, but prayers help.  Just wanted to let you all in on where my head and heart are at.
It will be a big sacrifice for a potentially huge reward, and although I am no gambler, I believe Justin was born to do this.

Thanks for listening....and if you are still reading...
I love you!
xo, A


  1. I loved reading this. So humble and so honest. Military wives can be so snarky about what their hubbies do or do not do. My hubby is a basic infantryman, but would love to do something as intense as what this program you mentioned is like.

    I will definitely be praying for him and your family. I cannot imagine how physically draining it must be for him, and how emotionally draining for you! My nerves would be shot! lol. You sound like a courageous and strong pair though!

    My thoughts and prayers are with you both!

    1. Thank you so much Annie. I hardly ever share about anything having to do with his work, but I am feeling the strain, and know a few extra prayers will help us both. Our kids are the real heroes, and are so good about supporting their Daddy!

  2. Adam seriously considered doing this about 6 months before Makenna was born, at the time we felt a very strong feeling that it wasn't right for him to submit his package. In retrospect we know that it would have been the hardest thing to have gone through everything with Makenna and have Adam in the CRO training, but I know it broke Adam's heart just a little. I know deep in my heart that he will probably come back to this idea and pursue it in the next year or so, but it scares the begeezes out of me. I will certainly be praying for your family, both that Justin can get through the process and that you and your kiddos will be strengthened during the months to come! Good luck you guys!! xo

    1. I seriously appreciate it, because I know you understand. It is so stressful because so much is on the line. He knew that he would never quit during SERE training, and he won't quit going through this either, but there actually might be things he can't physically do...and that is hard for him to think about, and will be hard to give up if it doesn't happen for him. And all I can do is cheer him on, knowing I have NO CLUE how tough it is for him right now. Thanks so much for your support! XO

  3. Praying for y'all! Y'all are inspiring for sure! P.s. that headline picture of your kiddos is to die for. Hope all is well in your world!

    1. Thanks H! Thanks for your support...we need it! XOXO

  4. I envy both yours and Justin's passion about making dreams come true. We will keep your family, especially him in our prayers as Justin goes through this. Heavenly Father has a plan for you guys and you all will be blessed no matter what happens. Thank you for sharing this with us. It opens my mind to see what military families go through and I am thankful for your family and all the scarifies you make to make me feel safe. Love you guys!


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