Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feel Good

I came across this shop and I LOVED her idea of a feelgood list. I love lists...even if I never complete everything on a given day, there is something in me that just loves writing things down and crossing them off....cheap thrills, right?!
You can buy them from her and she will customize them for you...or you could just make your own and save $20 :)
I am all over this one....especially the fruits and veggies, and laughing with my hubby bullet points.

On another feel good note, I bought these two little "grow kits" from the dollar spot at TARGET a while back, and they are starting to sprout!! One will hopefully be a strawberry plant, and one is an assortment of flowers. I can't wait for them to keep growing, and then hopefully move them into our quasi-garden. Paige has gotten a real thrill from seeing the little sprouts pop up.

Paige has two new tag lines she drops whenever possible...even though they are rarely relevant...she likes to say "Life is not fair", and "that's not true"...pretty silly coming out of this little face!

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  1. Those lists are way cool! I love that Paige says "Life is not fair"! I can't wait to hear what Ruby has to say :)


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