Monday, May 19, 2008

A busy weekend....

So, since the sun finally decided to grace us with it's presence, we took full advantage of the nice weather the last few days. Paige has been so exhausted at the end of the day from all the swimming, and running, and playing! It is so good for her. I even got to lay out on Saturday for a whole hour!!! Wow! Justin got a new kayak this weekend...(I made him sell one, before he could get a new one) and so we had to go to the river to play around with it. These shots are from Corbin Park in Idaho, and just hanging out in the front yard.

I have to start shopping around for BOY clothes since it is official! We are pretty excited to have one of each...and Paige could use a brother :)Our new due date is September 27th, and I just hope I don't go a week early on Paige's birthday...they both kinda need their own day!

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  1. Hi Ariel, I was on your profile leaving you a pic msg and realized you said Real Blog and read it and I didn't realize you have a blog too! Cool! I hope you don't mind I added you to my blog friends websites, so neato!! Love your little family, all of you just adorable!


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