Thursday, May 29, 2008


So, since we will have two children in need of a stroller...I guess we will have to buy a double stroller. I have been doing my research on all the options, and it is a little overwhelming. The one I like the best for our families needs, is the BOB. It is $589 before tax (yikes), but this is not the most expensive one I have me.

I really like this brand Chariot, but that one would be close to $1000 after buying the strolling/jogging/and trailer hook-ups! Why does having children have to cost so much?? CRAZY!

If you have a double stroller you love, give me a heads up...I have a few months to feel it out!

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  1. Life will be fun with 2 kids woohoo! yea we didn't have much new furniture til just this year, 7 years later and both of us are 30 yr old so don't fret with time comes'm excited for you, 2 kids is a challenge but its great! Now 3 kids...that's another story, haha..


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