Saturday, December 18, 2010


I am making an effort to shoot my kids more...
because for some strange reason they think it is cool to grow up
right before my very eyes.

One day Riv is a size 5 in he is a 7 and in 3T clothes?

Paige is wearing Smalls in the big girls section at Old Navy and Target?

Where are my little people at?

Merry Christmas peeps...
one more week!

Oh, and good things are coming in January.
Soccer for Miss Paige, and (hopefully) Preschool.
Me finishing my ACE study (hopefully).
Me finishing a half marathon...Jan 30th.
Justin finishing his 100 mile race (in Feb.)...please let it be!
Potty training for Riv...
he is testing out the waters right now with some success...

And hopefully someone will want to come out for a visit sooner than later!
Here's to hoping!



  1. I absolutely, positively LOVE these pictures, your creativity and everything you do! You are such and inspiration...I am blessed to call you my friend! I love you!

  2. I WANT TO COME VISIT! Maybe in April while Miles is working baby boy and I come visit! Love seeing pictures of the kiddies, I miss you guys! I hate that they're growing up and we're missing it.

  3. We are not far away! A visit is a must for us before we leave!

  4. um, my SIL signed me up for a half marathon, i'm SO nervous. Luckily it's not til August, haha, can i even do it then???? any tips would be GREATLY appreciated. I'm sure i'll do a 5k here or there in between just to get the feel of racing, but seriously, i'm excited and freaked at the same time!
    i love seeing pics of your cutie patootie kids!!


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