Saturday, January 9, 2010

random 2010

Happy 2010....and Good Morning Wilkins Family....

Our friend Jeremy is out for a visit...and Paige will be DEVASTATED when he leaves...she LOVES him! The boys are in Missoula for a few days and Paige is so lonely.

Another "Morning" shot...I promise I DO get dressed most days...just not this one!

Riv and I were in Urgent Care on New Years Day...temp of 102.4 got our feet moving...he has his first ear infection and a double one at his favorite activity of eating has become quite a painful chore....just love this little man!

Trying to have fun when it is so cold out....

He is amazed at the noise of the printer....I wonder what he really thinks sometimes.

Sunning her buns...

Let's try for a good one...

come on Paige...




  1. paige has the most beautiful eyes! and your poor little guy I hope he is feeling better! Happy new year to you guys!

  2. What great pictures! Poor River ear aches are the worst. I feel like I know Jeremy he looks way he from Modesto?? Did he go to Davis?

  3. YOUR FAMILY IS SO BEAUTIFUL!! EVEN WHEN THEY ARE SICK!!Hope they feel better!!! Hope we can talk soon miss you.

    Love Sarah Jane

  4. I love Rivers face in the top picture, its soooo adorable, i just want to kiss those cheeks!


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