Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pocket Love

Hey Mom!

I kind of LOVE my new "Princess" dress...

Pockets are amazing...

Especially when you dance with your hands in them...


I am finally sewing again...it was nice to take a month off and just "be"....
but I am bored again and the crafty itch got me yesterday after we woke up and saw snow, snow, and more snow!
Paige of course has Princess on the brain, and so I got out the 2 yds. of "Princess approved" fabric from Jo Anns and got busy. Never have sewn sleeves before, but it wasn't that bad.
I think round two will have puffy sleeves....should be a bit more involved, but I think I can do it!
Hope you are having a great day....we are making muffins and staying warm.

P.S. I think Sunny Lou and Casey B. need some Pocket dresses too....let's hope for more snow!


  1. I decided that since Miles is and will be in school for awhile that I would take this semester to take some "fun" classes that I always wanted to take and never had the time, and one of them is called clothing construction! I'm learning how to sew from a pattern and make cute clothes! I may be calling you for help and advice because this dress is adorable! You're so talented.

  2. That dress is so cute and Paige is adorable :)

  3. you are too funny. I was going to put "except Ariel" on my yum yum blog. lol. so I should blog again tonight bc guess what-I am a failure. its so hard to stick to. I guess I am already healthy enough so its like why am I doing this? I got a sewing machine finally! I am taking a little class to learn the ropes. I might have questions for the pro as well.

  4. LOVE IT! You are so creative and so crafty. Paige is such a cutie!!!

    Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers while Addison was sick. She is doing better. Her finger didn't heal properly, so now she'll most likely need surgery. Overall, she is doing 100 times better!

  5. Oh Ariel, how sweet she is! Are you planning to sell the "pocket loves" in your Etsy store? My Little M might need one! When we shop I tell her she needs to look with her eyes, not her hands so she keeps her hands in her jean pockets! lol


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