Saturday, September 19, 2009

Christmas in September

So, I am already thinking of the holidays (sue me...) and I have discovered some very cute crafty things to do with the kids. You must plan ahead when you know an impossibly long winter is FAST approaching. Check out truLuxe and her adorable etsy shop full of Fall and Christmas goodness. I am so making these for my Christmas craft this year....these will be so cute on the tree, and in the window sill, and as a teacher gift, and ....anywhere really! Any good ideas...send them my way!


  1. ooh I love those! Thanks for sharing, we'll be adding those to our list too. our favorite last year were snow flakes made with popsicle sticks and buttons: here's a link to a picture of two that dylen made
    we also made some with all white buttons that turned out really cute.

  2. the link didn't come out all the way...

  3. Love cute, and so easy and cheap! my kind of craft :)


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