Monday, August 31, 2009

project chick..and my butterfly

I have seen way too much of this fabric lately....BUT

I am finally finished, and it is on it's way to Arkansas!! Bumper and crib skirt: CHECK!

I am recycling old broken craayons plus a few new ones for party favors at the kids birthday party at the end on September, and I am a little obsessed. Doesn't this one look like the thrills, I know!

I just love all the colors...

I think a big batch of them in a pretty ceramic bowl would be just lovely!

Oh, and I almost forgot my little butterfly! She inherited these wings as of late and loves them so much. She just flaps and flaps all around the house. It is nice because she will usually make the accompanied noise of whatever animal/creature she pretends to be...and guess what? Butterflies are SILENT!!!! woo hoo!


  1. you are seriously so talented! love the crib stuff!! and the crayons, what a fun idea!! your little butterfly is the cutest thing ever, I love the middle picture!

  2. The bumper looks great and what a great idea for crayons! Paige looks so grown up in those pictures :)

  3. i love how butterflies are "silent" looks so pretty and grown up, how do you even go about recycling old crayon pieces? great idea! and your bumper looks super chic and cute, good work little craft mommy!

  4. That is an AMAZING fabric combo for a bumper! Love it!!! I'm off to check out Piknic!


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