Thursday, August 27, 2009

my space

So, I needed to get organized in my sewing was just crazy! And I have been working on this project for a while that requires a lot of space...I am sewing a crib bumper and matching crib skirt to go with this quilt I made a while back for a customer in what better a time than now to do it.
Here I am with the 40 sash ties for the crib bumper...that's right, 40! 40 things I had to cut out, sew together, turn right side out, press and sew in...never again!

It is almost done...

And here is my little dungeon basement sewing space. It isn't bad at all is where the magic happens!

I just love the way fabric looks all stacked up like much nicer to look at :)


  1. have you been sewing for a while. you are so good and creative.

  2. I have been at it for 3 years maybe...and I am not that good, just patient with myself. I make a lot of mistakes, but only my machine and I know about them all :)

  3. The bumper is very BABY CHIC!!! By the way I LOVE that you have a basement, what a perfect place to be creative :)

  4. i wish i had a creative space!!!..maybe when we finish out basement someday, your baby bumper is looking super cute, i love all the fabric neatly folded, you're so neato!! Hey I hear you're coming up this way for Labor Day, I'll have to swing by Sarah's and hang out! :-)


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