Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunny Days=New Dresses

...and wearing rain boots to water the garden (a.k.a. one strawberry plant and a dozen flowers) and taking breaks to push the baby stroller around the yard for good measure. We love sunny days!

AND, no...I did not make the "new" dress, TARGET $9.00 (a splurge for us, but a must-have for our big girl)....but I will be using this dress as a pattern for many new fabulous summer frocks for Miss, I love TARGET!


  1. So cute! And so funny, I found the same dress in a different color at Target and told myself I would make more dresses like that pattern for Adison too! We think alike and have such good taste LOL.

  2. I love target too..seriously..Kohls always has amazing sales too if there is one by you and cutie clothes. I love your camera and I love all your pictures of your adorable children, i hope you're putting them in albums for everyone to see..i have over 600 pics still on my mommy never develops them!

  3. ADORABLE little dress for Miss Paige. I wish I had one just like it. You always dress your little ones in the cutest clothes.

  4. okay can she come live with me? she is the cutest little diva on earth! love you guys!


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