Monday, May 11, 2009

getting stuck, and being set free...

I went to the bathroom yesterday....and this is what I found when I returned...

He only crawls/scoots backwards as of these things are bound to happen!

And, today we scored a ballet leotard for free...and Paige has been twirling and prancing all over the house. She is actually acting more mature and dignified with it on...maybe she won't want to take it off...? I love seeing how such a simple thing means so much to her. She is growing up so fast, it hurts my heart!


  1. that is so funny!! its amazing how fast those babies are and what kind of crazy situations they get themselves P looks adorable in her leotard, I know my girls love theirs, it is the little things they love the most. I like that last b&w pic of Paige her face or expression looks like you which is cool cuz i see her dad so much but it reminded me of you more in that pic!

  2. It is such a wonder how babies can get somewhere so fast! He is adorable :) I love the leotard. I saw one at Target and wanted it for Ruby but it was too big. Paige looks like Ms. Prima Ballerina in it


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