Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fast Cars and Parachutes

Well, maybe not too fast since they are only foot powered! Paige was lucky enough to get two cars hand-me-downed to her this last week. She LOVES them, and wants nothing more than to sit in them and watch the birds. The Barbie JEEP will have a battery soon enough, but right now Paige doesn't even know her car can and will be cooler than anything she has ever seen...she's gonna flip once it can "go"!

Justin has been jumping since November, but yesterday was the first time I went out to observe this wreck less, but ultra-manly behavior. They jump out of helicopters on Mondays usually, so I packed up the kids and headed out to catch the action. On my way out to the Survival side of base, I saw a jumper kind of spiraling out of control.....just a mental note, that made me very sick to my stomach! I watched two more jumps, and then headed home. Later I found out that the " out of control" guy was in fact Justin. He had a twist in his lines and was kicking to straiten them out. I am never going to watch him jump again I fear. It is just a little too stressful watching your hubby jump out of a perfectly good airplane!

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  1. Hurray for Paige and her new rides!!! Can't wait to read what she thinks when her Barbie Jeep moves. Can't imagine what you were feeling finding out that was Justin spinning in the air...my heart dropped while I was reading and he's not even my husband!!! Love Ya :)


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