Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy December

So, I feel like it is now time to start with this whole blogging thing. I love reading other peoples, and so why wouldn't people like to read mine? Right? We just have a lot going on right now, and this seems like a sensible way to keep everyone updated and in touch.

For starters, Justin will finally be graduating from his specialist training on Friday! I couldn't be more excited, and for those of you who know just what he has been up to, I am sure you understand. I know I will have a lot to post after graduation day.

It is snowing A LOT up in here in Washington, and this California girl is having difficulty adjusting. I had to dig my car out and shovel the driveway this week for the first time EVER! Although it is a surprisingly great workout, it takes a lot of time and effort. It is hard enough getting out the door with Paige, and now this! I am trying to embrace it and learn to love is temporary after all! Here's our little snow-dusted dwelling!

With all this cold weather, maybe I will be able to hunker down and start my business once and for all. My girlfriend Jamie and I are going to start a baby clothing and accessory line, and so far, we just have a domain name

The company is pd bum bum.....named after our "p d's"....Paige Donovan (mine), and Presley Dayne (hers). Our kids are our inspiration, and I am constantly making things for friends, so we figured we should try and make a business out of it. I will keep you posted on all of this...and I will expect some customers :) Just kidding!

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