Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Spirit

We had some major Christmas Spirit in our house this year.
We did the sugar cookies, watched Elf 12 times, listened solely to the Christmas Radio station for the entire month, drove by the homes with the crazy lights whenever we had the chance, had an Elf on the Shelf come live with us, and ate plenty of Candy Canes.

I also was so cheery that I decided I would treat myself to a hair appointment
(mind you the last one was in October of 2010...)
and a trim of 3-4 inches turned in to a butchering of 8+ inches.
I am slowly adjusting....
(and because you all love me so much, I know you will say
"It looks great"....so thank you in advance, but I still feel a bit naked."

Our lawn has come in very nicely, and I love looking to the backyard
and seeing GREEN! Justin and my Father-In-Law seeded, and I am so glad we did it!
BEFORE (October 30th):

AFTER (December 30th):

And I can't get enough of this sight:

Here are some shots from Christmas Day:

After we wallowed in our Christmas coma, we headed out to the park.

It was a great day, and all that was missed was our family!
Hope it was a magical day for all.


  1. I love all your new pictures. You have a beautiful family! & WOW your lawn came in amazing-so green. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas.

  2. I LOVE the pic of River on the tire swing! Miss you guys! Happy New Year!

  3. I love that pic of Justin and River mowing the lawn! So cute and I think your hair look great! I don't know why you don't like it! your house looks cute, you are so lucky to have a fireplace....we missed family too but loved just having it the 3 of us!

  4. Love the Hair its so cute and sassy on you!!! And Love the house! :)

  5. HOW FUN and Merry Christmas! I wish our kids could play together...i know they would have so much fun! Your hair looks cute and I am not just saying that...In October my hair was down to my bum and and I cut it to an a-line at my shoulders, it was a good change :)


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