Monday, August 1, 2011

Goodbye July

He is good at doing this. He snuck in our bed early the other day.
I usually put him back in his own bed, but not this time.
I know my snuggle days are numbered.

He's jumping again....seems like he hasn't for a while.
I am always glad when he lands on the ground in one piece.

We got out to the river this weekend.
We needed a day out of the apartment, and since it is just so hot
any outing has to revolve around water...
not that there was much left of the river,
but it ended up being perfect. Just the right depth for the littles!

Classic "Couple Shot"

Having fun...and yes, it was only "that" deep all the way across!

Big to keep him covered! He gets pink so quickly, even covered in sunscreen!

Loving Family days with Dad

Loved searching through the rocks.
So many neat ones.

Thanks Guadalupe State Park!

Hamilton Pool is next on the list!
Oh, and come on over HERE to see Miss P looking so grown up and ready for "school"!


  1. We headed out to the water to last weekend, I heart little family getaways :)

  2. Hi Ariel-
    I read "Enjoying the Small Things" and saw your comment on Kelle's latest post right above mine. Small world. :) We went to Beyer together...just wanted to say hi and say you have a beautiful family!


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