Saturday, April 24, 2010

10 on Saturday

These lists have been going around....I thought I would join in. What are your answers???
1. Favorite hobby?

2. Favorite tv show?

3. Favorite restaurant food?

4. Favorite thing to shop for?

5. Favorite animal?

6. Favorite song?

7. Favorite word?

8. Recent favorite youtube video?

9. Favorite movie?

10. Favorite childhood memory?


  1. Ok this is why I love you....I was just watching Mrs. Doubtfire before I got on the computer, I have seen that movie a million times and I never get bored with it!!!!

    I love when she breaks the Mercedes thing off Stu's car..."So sad when that happens!"


  2. Ok and Mall Madness reminds me of playing that with you and Noelle in your house in the Bay Area in that cool little room!


So happy you have something to say...